It’s simple.

Three nights in May.

Up to twenty local bands going head-to-head for the chance to win $2500 cash.

Winner gets chosen by point score.

Point score will be based on three categories:


    50 Points Total

Do you present like a professional outfit?

Did you show on time for sound check? Was all necessary equipment provided and working? Did you promote the gig on your own Facebook or website?


    100 Points Total

How well did you perform live on stage?

Judges on the night will assess your performance, how the crowd received you and give a score.


    1 Point Per Attendee (no cap)

Did you bring a crowd?

Buy a ticket online or at the door and guests can choose the band they’re here to see. Their choice will add one point to your band’s point total for that night.

For more information visit:

Band entries open February 22!