The very popular band with pubs, clubs and parties has returned to doing what it does best! After a three year hiatus Jabiru has resurfaced and are performing at all happening venues.

JABIRU took time out to do individual projects but missed the chemistry of old, and are very excited about working together again. Excited because they are doing a lot of their old favourites and with a few lineup
changes have incorporated new songs, a new approach, while maintaining their great vocals and wonderful sound.

Jabiru are proud to present to you

Jeff Massey——-Vocals and guitar
Ray Simpkin——Bass and pig noises
Andrew Hegedus—Vocals and guitar
Troy Mcarthy—–Drums
Steve Mcleod—–Vocals and lead guitar

Jabiru are all very seasoned professional musicians with such a depth of experience. They pride themselves in being capable of satisfying all age groups who attend their performances.

Do yourself a favour and experience the sounds and the beat of a very entertaining band.


DATE: SUNDAY 31 DECEMBER 2017 from 07:30PM
VENUE: Lismore Workers Club - Auditorium