Ten years, three screens, two musicians, one epic experience.

For the last decade, the award-winning Cloudcatcher Media team have been developing a new performance concept in artivism.

Confusing Them With Our Joy is a musical, multimedia show about the Northern Rivers’ victory against invasive gasfields and what it means for our future. The Lismore premiere will be at the Workers Club Auditorium on 19 March 2022, ten years since the beginnings of the gasfield-free movement and eight years from the historic win at Bentley.

The experience will unfold across three large screens (a spectacular triple HD total image), using a combination of documentary and new imagery, across two epic acts with an intermission.

The projection screens are separated by two musicians performing live, with the musical spine of the show being provided by the much-loved bard of the movement, Luke Vassella, along with many musical moments from the blockades.

Confusing Them With Our Joy is immersive and interactive, the closest thing to being back on the frontline, from Glenugie to Doubtful Creek to Bentley, and then beyond.

The show honours the community heroes and artists of all kinds who made this movement such a success, including unseen gems, moments of pathos, comedy, animation and a big dose of the disruptive joyful confusion that the Northern Rivers of NSW has been famous for since Aquarius.

More than a film, this is a touring multimedia show about a community which refused to become a gasfield. Confusing Them With Our Joy asks – what did we learn that could help other communities staring down the fossil fuel and climate change threat? Can we fight the global struggles we face with humanity, art and joy?

Along with the live performance experience, Confusing Them With Our Joy will be available on DVD/Bluray, and as a double CD soundtrack album. The show is designed to tour and be scaleable. It can play anywhere from community halls to large outdoor spaces.

Confusing Them With Our Joy is produced by David Lowe, Luke Vassella and Eve Jeffery of Cloudcatcher Media, and directed by David Lowe, who has been shooting this epic story since 2012. The production team are all available for interviews.

Contact info@cloudcatchermedia.com or 0488 428 765. The website for the project is here: http://www.confusingthemwithourjoy.com/

You can also check out the trailer and get more information about the project from the Chuffed site: https://chuffed.org/project/confusing